accompaniment to victims

Why it matters

El Salvador is the most violent country in the world that is not at war. As a whole, the Northern Triangle of Central America-El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras-is the most violent region in the world. Victims fleeing violence such as extortion, rape and murder have few effective options for protection and assistance in their countries of origin. Reporting a crime or requesting assistance is in itself a dangerous act. Many people fear further angering their attackers or being re-victimized by corrupt officials. Of the victims of the violence that Cristosal has helped in 2017, 5% reported violence by the National Civil Police, the same force destined to protect them. This phenomenon is driving irregular migration both northward through Mexico to the United States, and increasingly to the south toward Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama.

What we do

Protect people displaced by violence. We control models of humanitarian, psychosocial and legal assistance for victims of violence and forced displacement.

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