Community development

Why it matters

The foundations of peace are found in a strong civil society that has constant democratic participation of its citizens. Faced with the increase in violence and insecurity, Cristosal strengthens communities by fostering a culture of transparency and promoting democratic participation at the grassroots level.

Building Peace Environments

This program makes it possible for families displaced by force and violence to recover their life plan in safe communities. We also work to mitigate the deeper roots of forced displacement by building environments in which all people can exercise their human rights.

Our approach to community development addresses the victim's immediate need to integrate into a safe community , as the long-term structural need to create environments that respect human rights. The durable solutions we seek begin with the environments in which individuals are expected to thrive and prosper.

United Nations Representative visits Salvadoran communities

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the human rights of displaced persons, Cecilia Jiménez-Damary, visited El Salvador in August. During his visit, he attended a community workshop organized by Cristosal. "While the community members told me that they felt they were not doing enough to confront the violence, they also noticed that they feared the police and the armed forces when they entered their communities." Jimenez-Damary called for the support of civil society organizations in the region, but added that "they are fulfilling functions that the State should take as part of its obligations under human rights law."

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